Diagnosis troubles


Hope you can help sorry for the long rant, I feel i have Menieres (Private doctor stated possible menieres), For the past 4 years or so I have had numerous issues with my ears which starts with my right ear feeling full when seeing my Doctors (UK) they advised either my ears had wax in them and needed to be clean out or on a couple of occasions no wax showing and to use olive oil drops! didn't help, when this happens my tinnitus goes through the roof, Reduced hearing in that ear and increased sound sensitivity, Dizzy spells which at first would last a couple of mintues however recently this has been longer,nausea etc, I then get exhausted and need to sleep the majority of these symptoms I have had individually for 20 years or so noted on my records, I have had CT scans (thinks that what they are called 20 years ago and recently). My doctors ( have went private) think it may be due to compacted ear wax (last year I had my ears cleaned out 7 times!) I have passed the vestibular function tests (came back fine yesterday) noted again hearing loss in right ear although noted as compacted hearing loss. I am losing my mind as although I understand the impact of compacted wax this has been going on for years now and keeps coming back! always starts with my ear feeling full (same ear). Its so dishearten Its got to the point now I feel I am going mad i know that this is not all in my head. I feel now i know the difference between blocked ears and the feeling of fullness. As my vestibular/ct tests came back fine i don't know what to do next? Can anyone help.


  • Hi!

    Sound pretty similar to my situation except I don't have dizzy spells, just decreased hearing, tinnitus and ear fullness in affected ear once in a while. How often do you have these attacks and how long they last?

    Cheers, Eemil