Ear Infection, Tinnitus, Earcalms


Quick History: Ear Infection since 25th Jan, Tinnitus a week later and suffered since. I've been told by five or so Docs that it will go away once the infection is gone. Had ENT appointment ear was cleaned out and told Ear Drum was healthy and the ear walls as well. The given prescription for EarCalm drops and took them since the 14th (night) but now the fullness feeling is back, sound is muffled slightly again. Is this normal with the earcalms or am I somehow alergic to something its made with. 

Super concerned the Tinnitus won't go after and be stuck with it which scares the heck out of me. The volume has changed, it has gone down in volume since the ENT appointment and having the "gunk" taken out I will admit and there are moments in the morning when I wake up that it isn't there so hoping that it is going. My main concern now is the Earcalms. Anyone else used it and had a problem with it? I'm half and half about not using it anymore until I see Doctor Monday or Tuesday.