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Can I ask people out there whether they have had an ear infection lead to tinnitus and then tinnitus stay after the infection has been sorted? I had my left ear (infected ear) cleaned recently, I know some people have issues with it and I had my hearing checked apparently good hearing even though I was barely able to hear the boops and beeps (different levels) in my left ear the hearing expert said that the left one was a little weaker but still good I'm not sitting here fearful that this is going to stick around, I had the cleaning done on the 13th of Feb 2019 and its the 17th of Feb 2019. I wasn't expecting a miracle but I was hoping the ringing/high pitched noise would go. I've had a few different Doctors say the ringing will go at some point but cannot say if it'll be days, weeks, months or (please god no) years. I hate the noise, I cannot stand the noise the noise is breaking me. I'm trying to hold on and deal with it but I know at some point I'm going to snap. 

Please be honest and tell me if its likely to go. I hate the sound and have had nights where it sounds like its going, including tonight, it goes super quiet to the point of it being almost completely gone and then suddenly its back. I'm losing control. 

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