My ears are unstable and it's very stressfull!!


I acquired a sudden hearing loss about 4 months ago in my LEFT ear. All mid frequencies gone. Went to Emergency Room next day and got steroids. In few days it all pretty much recovered, though got a silent tinnitus in mid frequencies. 

Few weeks after I had a similar sensation in RIGHT ear, though much smaller. As a musician I instantly noticed that mid freqs ( around 1000hz) were off tune and I had this weird ringy sound resonating in certain frequencey when I eg. scartched my ear. That cleared up about in an hour though.

So whats the matter now? That same weird tinnitus/hearing loss/ear fullness has happened 3 times in my right hear! EVENLY once in a month! It's always only 1 hour but it's really stressing me out as a music producer. Am I going to lose it all eventually and have detuned hearing?

Please any input is very appreciated! Thank you!

  • Hi emililoo 

    Thank you for your post. 

    As a music producer you are possible exposed to loud levels of noise a lot of the time so it's possible that the tinnitus you are experiencing is a warning that it has been a bit too loud and it is needing some time to heal. Do you wear musician earplugs whilst you work? They filter the loud levels out but still let the music be heard- this will hopefully help give you peace of mind that you are doing all you can to protect yourself whilst at work. 

    There is a link between stress and tinnitus so this also could be playing its part. It's much easier said than done but try not to focus too much on it when it happens and ensure you are doing any hobbies or activities you enjoy that would help reduce any stress you have. 

    If it continues and you still have concerns please do with with your GP and request they refer you to Ear, Nose and Throat so they can check over your ears and make sure everything is healthy and discuss with you other treatments and therapies that are available to help. You can also read more about these via our publications here

    Best wishes,