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Welcome to the events thread. We will be sharing details of upcoming events through the UK on this thread. If you know of anything happening in your area please feel free to share on this page, we wouldn’t want anyone missing out.

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  • Brighton Rock - 

    16th February 2018 to 03rd March 2018

    Venue: York Theatre Royal
    Prices: £14 - £30
    BSL Interpreter: TBC
    Captioner: Ann Forshaw
    Audio Describer: Tina Wright & Jill Quarmby

    Brighton Rock « Scene and Sound

    Fred is found dead – they deny it was murder.
    Rose is in love – they say she’s in danger.
    And that boy Pinkie… they say he’s evil – but what has he done?
    As two seventeen year olds, Pinkie and Rose get embroiled in a vicious gang war in Brighton, one brutal murder leads to the next. The police are impassive – but the courageous and life embracing Ida Arnold wants the truth. Nothing scares her. Whatever the cost, she’ll see justice is done.
    An unmissable new version of this gripping noir thriller.

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