Freedom Pass - Council won't accept evidence - Advice needed

Hi all,

I applied for a Disabled Freedom Pass and sent through my application with evidence of my hearing loss as well as my address (a DWP letter addressed to me, dated in the 3 months preceding the application).

The Council, which administers the programme itself, got back to me saying that I did not send evidence of address and need a letter from my landlord instead. I have replied that I sent a document which is clearly accepted as evidence but they chose to ignore this and are asking for a letter from my landlord instead. I do not wish to get my landlord involved. I find this practice to be extremely oppressive as there are disabled renters who are vulnerable and may not be in a position to ask for a supporting letter to their landlord or whoever they are living with. I am not able to send any other documents as my rent is inclusive of all bills.

Could anyone offer me advice as to my rights regarding the matter? I am aware that the Freedom Pass in administered under the Transport Act 2000 but there isn't much about residence criteria.  Are there legal grounds for me to dispute the Local Authority's request?

Thank you.