Middle ear infection and now hearing loss

Hi guys.. first time post here. 

I had tonsillitis followed by a middle ear infection in both ears.   Doc said there was fluid and all should  subside.   I was given antibiotics and my right ear cleared up but my left one was doing all sorts of weird sounds.  I kept on going back the doc and was eventually referred to the ENT.  i was told all will subside but again it would not go away and so i was given a hearing test which indicated that i lost my ability to hear low frequencies.  It all sounds pretty muffled in my ln left ear.   Anyway ENT was concerned and wanted to rule out brain tumor so i had an MRI which thankfully came out fine.  So i was told that i had permanent damage from the infection.   That was 6 months ago.  

Anyway i wanted to share my experience to see if anyone else had experienced this?  There are good days and bad and i also suffer from burning mouth syndrome where my tongue feels like ive burnt it... horrible feeling.  Somehow i feel there is some correlation but who knows.   Doc didn't seem to think so. 

I now also have tinnitus in my left ear and it generally has a sense of 'fullness'.  It's quiet depressing at times as i feel something more is going on... but i also have a history of excessive worrying.. 

Thanks for listening.. i guess i just wanted to reach out to see if anyone had similar experiences and whether you could offer any advice..