Get new moulds. How to get best fit

I am returning to NHS Audiology to request new moulds. I get too much feedback with new ones received a month back. I have checked my ears are not blocked.

With Audiology appointments like gold dust and a 20 mile drive to hospital, plus taking time off work, I'd appreciate recommendations on anything I can do or request to increase the likelihood the new moulds will be a better fit?

For instance, a private audiologist has suggested requesting silicon moulds (my current are soft resin) and asking to have my aids recallibrated.

Thanks in advance.

  • In the end I got soft silicone moulds from the NHS and they are the best fitting moulds I think I have ever had.

    I also suffer with eczema in the ear, and that has got a lot better since switching to the new moulds.

    In addition the audiologist also requested tubing which is condensation resistant which may also have improved my experience with the new moulds.

  • Hi. I got my first hearing aids five years ago & had the hard plastic skeleton moulds, the first ones they made were awful & much too loose so I went back after a few months & got another pair made, these were a much better fit but I found them uncomfortable when eating & talking due to them not being flexible so three years ago I went back & asked if I could try the full ear silicone moulds, the audiologist was reluctant at first but when I explained my reasons agreed to my request. Whilst the impressions were being taken I kept my mouth slightly open, the silicone moulds are a much better fit & certainly a lot more comfortable, the only slight down side is that because they are solid & fill the whole of my ears there is more of a tendency for sweaty ears than the skeleton moulds, other than that they're much better. My advice would be to ask to try them. Good luck. 

  • Hi

    When I wanted a spare set of moulds the NHS wouldn't provide them so I went private. OK it cost me £50 for a pair, but I got a convenient appointment time with a nationwide chain of hearing aid providers in my local town centre. It took less time out of my day than a drive to my local NHS audiology department would have taken and the private moulds are a better fit in my ears than my NHS moulds. So my advice would be consider getting privately made moulds.

    By the way the moulds are hard silicon, just like the NHS ones.