Get new moulds. How to get best fit

I am returning to NHS Audiology to request new moulds. I get too much feedback with new ones received a month back. I have checked my ears are not blocked.

With Audiology appointments like gold dust and a 20 mile drive to hospital, plus taking time off work, I'd appreciate recommendations on anything I can do or request to increase the likelihood the new moulds will be a better fit?

For instance, a private audiologist has suggested requesting silicon moulds (my current are soft resin) and asking to have my aids recallibrated.

Thanks in advance.

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  • In the end I got soft silicone moulds from the NHS and they are the best fitting moulds I think I have ever had.

    I also suffer with eczema in the ear, and that has got a lot better since switching to the new moulds.

    In addition the audiologist also requested tubing which is condensation resistant which may also have improved my experience with the new moulds.

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