Some questions to deaf people

Hi! We are an English class at a German School and we have some questions about deaf people's lives because we have a School project on that topic. It would be great if we got some answers from you. You would help us a lot!!!

Here are our questions:

1) How long did it take you to learn the sign language?

2) Is it hard to find new friends (who are able-bodied) when you are deaf?

3) Do you think you are treated as equals to able-bodied people in today's society?

4) How do you get along in daily life, e.g. when you visit a restaurant? How do you communicate when the waiter does not know sign language?

5) Are there any activities (e.g. freetime activities, sports, etc.) that are created only for deaf people?

6) How can you do your job without being able to hear? Do you use any special devices/technology/etc.?

7) Do you play a musical instrument? How does that work without being able to hear?

Thanks in advance!

Your class 7C of the OGO!

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  • 1. I don’t know sign language.

    2. Yes. Being unable to hear properly makes normal socialising difficult or impossible. Expecting people with normal hearing to have to go out of their way constantly to help me understand (by repeating themselves, learning to talk clearly, loudly & always facing me, or writing things out) is unrealistic.

    3. No. Because I’m not equal.

    4. I don’t know sign language. I don’t go to noisy environments. Yes, that means I miss out on a lot, through no fault of my own.

    5. I’ve no idea.

    6. Some parts of my job (telephones, making notes in meetings) were done by other people. Instructions were written down.

    7. No.

    An observation about your questions: you seem to be assuming that “deaf” means “no hearing at all”. This is not the case. Deafness is a range of hearing loss, not a total loss of hearing.

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