Problem with my hearing, been to doctors to little avail so far.

Hello all, first post here!

I've had a problem on and off for a few years, at certain times sounds distort, mostly in my left ear, sometimes in my right. It can be triggered by loud sound but sometimes even by my own voice. When it happens it sounds like wind blowing into a microphone or when you're on the phone to someone and it's particularity windy. I recall an ex screaming at me and it being so bad I literally couldn't make out a single word, but then on the other hand it can be my own voice so I have no clue what triggers it.

The Doctor said my ears were clear of wax from what she could see (she made comment she obviously can't see the other side of the ear drum) and it's possible I have some fluid trapped in a tube, of a name I forget and has prescribed me a nasal spray to try for a month. Failing that I should go for a hearing test.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what this is called or has experience of it? It's really hard to explain to the Doctor and I can't find much online.

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  • If this has been occurring for some time I would insist on your GP referring you to an ENT specialist asap. I have found that GPs don't always treat hearing loss with the urgency they should. 

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