Cinema Hearing Loops??


I'm hoping that someone can help.  My teenage daughter has recently suffered complete loss of hearing in her left ear (having already been diagnosed with low frequency hearing loss in both ears).  She has now (grudgingly) agreed to wear her hearing aids more.  She loves going to the cinema and was very excited that the audiologist has put a T-loop programme on her hearing aids.  I've contacted my local cinemas and they either have no idea what I'm asking about or claim they don't have any facility to connect hearing aids via any kind of loop.  Is there any information on which cinemas have facility and exactly what I need to be asking?  I'm amazed at the number of showings with subtitles, but surely it would be helpful if they had subtitles and connected to hearing aids?

I do have to say that if one more person tells me that they provide Audio Description for the deaf, I might just lose it.  

Many thanks


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  • Many thanks for the replies.

    I received this from Cineworld:

    "Unfortunately, we do not have Induction Loop System Fitted in screens at Cineworld Wembley and South Ruislip, it is only available at the tills. In such a case the best option we can offer at these cinemas is to either watch subtitled films or to watch an Audio Described Film (times of these screenings are available online) and request the Audio Descriptive Headsets while sitting in the middle of the screens 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9.
    Audio description is a special service, which is available for selected films. It is a narration track, which can be accessed through special headphones only. This fills the gaps between dialogue by describing what is happening on the screen and doesn't affect other spectators' experience."
    Yes, Audio Description is really useful if you can't hear!!
    I have, however, found another cinema.  We're going to try it this weekend and will report back.
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