Lowering head can sometimes reduces sound level

About 8 months ago my NHS Oticon Hearing Aids with ear moulds were replaced by NHS Siemens Teneos with Life Tips and volume control. In my area all examination and fitting is contracted out e.g. to Specsavers.

I found the new ones a big improvement, especially that they enabled me to continue with my choir membership, but on rare times the sound would drop on moving my head. The contractor's staff suggested i hadn't inserted the aids properly.

The frequency of the sound drop problem seems to be intensifying, and also happens on movement side to side. At least every other night I dismantle the aids , placing the tube and tip in a box containing silica gel cachets to helps drying out. The following morning I clean the tubes with the wire supplied.

However well they might work, sometimes for hours, ultimately I will experience problems, sometimes to sound being almost nil.

Can anyone suggest the cause, cure or preventive measures and products to cope with the situation, please?

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  • It could possibly be the  the hole in the mold is not limning up properly with the entrance to the ear drum I have had this experience and changed the mold and it fixed the problem If you have an old mold try that.