advice on hi-tech hearing aids

Hi www.
I am posting for some communal internet advice regarding hearing aids.

My wife has finally succumbed to getting her hearing tested (after years of me nagging) and a few weeks ago finally got an NHS hearing aid – a siemans impact pro M.

She is 32 and has now got over the initial “embarrassment” of wearing it and has it on almost all the time. We are now wondering is the hearing aid she has the best for her and what other options are available.

Browsing shops, seeking advice and looking a lots of online sites, hearing aids seem to be heavily linked with stairlifts and walk in baths. This of course is understandable and probably hits the majority of the target market, but can anyone point me in a better direction with the below in mind.

She works with a heavy reliance on her mobile phone and laptop so is Bluetooth something of an option?
She will be using a hearing aid for the rest of her life so we don’t mind spending.
We are happy to upgrade TV phones etc if need be.
We are pretty active spending a lot of time outside (advice regarding the current hearing aid was if it rains take it out!!! :S)
She is not keen on wearing something around her neck.
We have heard apple may be developing something
We have kids - sometimes the off button is used in the car 
We do socialise (pubs/resturants etc) a fair bit – if we can get a baby sitter ;)
She is in the process of getting a second hearing aide (same type) for her other ear
Her hearing loss is pretty bad

All thoughts welcomed
  • Hi Doug,
    I was amused by your short-list of requirements. I would hope for almost exactly that list, and I am twice her age! Those requirements must be pretty universal I would think.

    Early on, I installed a loop system at home. It extends throughout the house and means I can listen to TV, radio and audio equipment as I move around the house without having the volume so high as to annoy others. In fact I have it contrived so it isn't dependant on the volume control of the source so the sound can be switched off, and only I can hear it (useful for late night TV watching when everyone else has gone to bed!). Transmits to the T-coil setting on my Aides, so no wires, neck loops, headphones or other nuisances to battle with. Haven't investigated Bluetooth but I imagine a similar system could be set up that way too, but she would of course then need Bluetooth enabled Aides as well (more expensive?)

    I will comment on one other item, which is about outdoor activities. Over the years I have had several hearing aids from different manufacturers. All of them have cut out when they get a good soaking in extreme weather conditions. i.e. walking in the rain ;-)
    Actually, I mean hill walking so maybe the extreme is justified. But they have always come back on again after being dried and carried in a warm pocket for an hour or so.

    More annoying, is the dreaded feedback whistle that is impossible to avoid if you need to put a hood up because of rain, sleet or snow conditions. The only solution is to switch them off and walk in silence. Not ideal, and I am still looking for an answer to this one so will be interested in any other feedback. (pun intended!)

    Actually, I am surprised, and a bit disappointed about the minimal level of dialogue that this forum generates. One can rely on response from just a small handful of helpful contributors, but the silent majority is huge and very silent! Just compare the numbers in the "Views" and the "Replies" columns for any thread!

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