Communicating using text services

Hi Everyone ,

Action on Hearing Loss is continuously looking to improve access to services for people with hearing Loss. With the growth of internet services and apps in particular, communication has changed vastly. Some of these apps have been beneficial for people with hearing loss however some apps are designed without any consideration towards the hard of hearing population.

We would therefore like to find out "what apps people are using, which apps have been helpful and which apps need improvement".

Currently we are focusing on apps which help people with hearing loss and deafness and below are some apps we consider the most useful. We would appreciate feedback on ways any of these apps can be improved as well as information on apps people are using that may help others that have not been identified below.

  • Communicating using text services- This is one of the first methods developed which helped people with hearing loss communicate. Traditional SMS (short message service) messaging is still a very popular and easy way to communicate for people with hearing loss. This can also include MMS (multimedia message service) to send pictures. This has evolved to apps dedicated to free instant messaging. These apps are a great solution to help people with hearing loss keep in touch with friends and family.

  • iMessage: This is Apple’s standard and automatic function on their text messaging system which allows users to send free SMS and MMS messages between compatible Apple products.

    Whatsapp: This is an instant messaging app which allows users to send and receive text messages, pictures and videos to other whatsapp users. Whatsapp is also available on lots of different platforms so users do not have to have to have a particular make of phone. Currently it is available only on smartphones and those compatible with Android, blackberry, iOS and Windows. Whatsapp also enables you to have group conversations as well as one-to-one conversations.

  • GroupMe: this is an app not just for mobile phones. This can also be used on tablets and computers. You can send and receive group text, picture and video messages.
  • Personally I used Apple iMessage works wonderfully well for me as all my family home and abroad use iPhones

    Only drawback as you've stated only compatible with iPhone

    What apps works just as well on any device but you need an Internet connection to use it, but it's a free app so you can try it
  • Here is some more apps for Group messaging .
    Google+ Hangouts