Entertainment Apps

Action on Hearing Loss is continuously looking to improve access to services for people with hearing Loss. With the growth of internet services and apps in particular, communication has changed vastly. Some of these apps have been beneficial for people with hearing loss however some apps are designed without any consideration towards the hard of hearing population.
We would therefore like to find out what apps people are using, which apps have been helpful and which apps need improvement. Currently we are focusing on apps which help people with hearing loss and deafness and below are some apps we consider the most useful. We would appreciate feedback on ways any of these apps can be improved as well as information on apps people are using that may help others that have not been identified below.


Sub: Free on iOS. View subtitles on your iOS device synchronized with television or movies on your TV, or at the cinema. Subtitles available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Javanese, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

  • Louder TV: Free on iOS. Smart phone can be used as TV amp. Sound from TV is picked up by phone microphone and the app allows you to control the volume being heard from headphones attached to the phone. Not bluetooth compatible.

  • SoundFocus: Free on iOS. SoundFocus lets people with hearing loss listen to music in full fidelity with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Take a simple audio (hearing) test and create an audio profile that matches your hearing pattern, compensating for the spectrum of frequencies (pitches) that your ear doesn’t hear well. SoundFocus doesn’t just amplify music; it applies advanced audio processing to adjust the sound to your hearing for every song that you listen to. This can make music sound fuller and more present, and sometimes helps pick out softer, high frequency sounds like flutes or oboes. Soundfocus can be used on iTunes and a Spotify premium account even for Spotify Radio.

  • www.yourlocalcinema.com: Find which cinema near you is showing films with subtitles and audio description. Search by film title which will give the full list of all UK cinemas showing that film with subtitles and audio description.
  • iSubtitle: Apple’s been supporting subtitles and captions in its software and on its devices for a while now. Unfortunately, despite that, there are very few videos on the iTunes Store that actually include this information (I found just 138 movies with captions out of the thousands on the store).But, if you’re getting your video files from elsewhere, you can potentially add your own subtitles. iSubtitle program from Bitfield can add soft subtitles—i.e. captions you can turn on or off—to your video files that you can then watch via iTunes or QuickTime Player, or on your iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple TV. Sadly, it won't work with protected video purchased from the iTunes Store. For the most part, the program is pretty straightforward to use: open your video file, add in your subtitle track, save and you're good to go (you may need to re-encode the video, depending on the format, but iSubtitle will do that for you).
  • Sublight: www.sublight.me/.../ Sublight is popular and easy to use Windows application for automatic searching and downloading subtitles for your movies and series. Drag & drop video file to Sublight, double-click subtitle and it you get subtitles to your video. Out of the box support for third party subtitle databases: Podnapisi.NET, Addic7ed.com, Subscene.com, OpenSubtitles.org, subdivx.com, Titlovi.com (ex-Yugoslavia subtitles), Ondertitel.com (Dutch subtitles), Undertexter.se (Swedish subtitles), subom.net (Chinese subtitles), subs.com.ru (Russian subtitles), SubSynchro and TVsubtitles.net. Auto-detects 500,000+ movies and TV series. It can be integrated into Windows File Explorer so you can have quick access to subtitles by simply right clicking video file. It has multilingual user interface (crowdsource translated by Sublight users). Possible to log in with your Google account so you don't have to remember another password.